Teamfight tactics explained

We took some time to explain new LoL game mode - TFT to our readers, we have also included a little guide and few youtube videos.

Posted 8 months ago

LoL client lag fix

League of Legends lag fix for client. Make sure you don't miss another ready check due to buggy and laggy client thanks to our troubleshoot guide.

Posted 10 months ago

Is elo boosting illegal?

Chivalrous boosting addressing popular misconception that elo boosting is illegal and you can get punished for it.

Posted 10 months ago

What's ranked armor in LoL?

We took some time to explain what is ranked armor in League of Legends, how to get it and what are the other rewards for splits.

Posted 11 months ago

What is MMR in LoL

Read what's MMR in LoL, how it's calculated and what's it's origin. We also give you a big amount of tips on how to improve your MMR in League of Legends.

Posted 11 months ago

Position ranks elo boosting

Our policy on position ranking boosting along with instructions for our boosters on how to handle off role.

Posted 1 year ago