Top 10 League of Legends Cosplays

Published at 2020-04-17 17:44:59 - Edited at 2020-04-17 17:44:59

League of Legends is enjoyed by a large and diverse group of people, and they express their love for the game in many different ways. One of such ways is Cosplaying their favorite champions. Cosplaying is the art of dressing up as a character from a book, a movie, a game, etc. Here are some fantastic cosplays made by fans of League of Legends in no particular order.

1. Jinx by Kinpatsu Cosplay

Here's an amazing cosplay of Jinx by Kinpatsu Cosplay. Although it's fairly minimalisic it doesn't take away from it's charm and beauty. Kinpatsu Cosplay even has tutorials on how to do the Makeup and the Wig. You can find more of her cosplays on her website .

2. Sett by Taryn

A spectacular cosplay of Sett by Italian cosplayer Taryn. Not only is the costume great, but his physique also closely resembles that of Sett. Now that's real dedication to the art of cosplaying. He has couple other great cosplays, which you can check out on his instagram..

3. Xayah and Rakan by Enji Night and Leon Chiro

Fabulous duo cosplay of beloved Xayah and Rakan by Enji Night and Leon Chiro. Both costumes are well made and elegantly complement each other. They even have the bird feet! Both of them are known cosplayers and it's evident why. Check more of their stuff out on their respective instagrams: Enji Night, Leon Chiro.

4. Nidalee by Jessica Nigri

A spicy cosplay of Nidalee by Jessica Nigri. A prominent figure in the cosplaying world, most people that play videogames probably have heard of her. Although she may have some questionable reputation, but without a doubt her cosplays are eye-catching and intriguing.

5.Leona by Missyeru

A stunning cosplay of Leona by Missyeru. Quite an elaborate costume which includes both the sword and the shield. This surely must have taken some effort to assemble. Check out her Vi cosplay as well, it's just as amazing if not more on her instagram. And a short video if you wondered how to pronounce Missyeru.

6. Caitlyn by Ophelia (Ofelyak)

A marvelous cosplay of Caitlyn by Ophelia/Ofelyak. Nice and clean, with Caitlyn's signature rifle. She is not very well know, so consider giving her some love by checking out her other cosplays on her instagram.

7. Katarina by Eden Craft

Beautiful cosplay of Katarina by Eden Craft. This is truly well made, both the cosplay and the photography. A joy to look at. Highly recommend checking out more of her cosplays on her website.

8. Ahri by Kalinka Fox

A sexy cosplay of Ahri by Kalika Fox. It's not the most elaborate cosplay our there but still a sight to behold. If you are interested in more sexy cosplays, consider checking out her instagram

9. Sivir by SpcatStasha (SpiralcatsTasha)

A simple yet effective cosplay of Pizza Delivery Sivir by korean cosplayer SpcatStasha also known as SpiralCatsTasha. The pizza maybe fake, but the quality of this simple cosplay is not. Consider checking out her other cosplays, like KDA Akali among others, on her instagram.

10. Lucian by Kadu=out

Great cosplay of Lucian by Kadu=Out. He is certainly dedicated to cosplaying Lucian as he made different cosplays for different skins that are worth checking out. His cosplays of Ekko are also top notch, definitely recommended to checkout. You can find most of his cosplays on his instagram.

Honorable Mentions

Pizza Delivery Sivir by Sneaky

No list would complete without our favorite pizza delivery girl Sivir. A fun Cosplay made by none-other than Sneaky, a professional league of legends AD Carry player associated with Cloud 9.

Riven by BoxBox

Fun cosplay of Riven by league of legends youtuber and streamer boxbox, who is famous for being one of the best Rivens world. No shame in expressing your love for the champion.