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as always, top!
A*****o, 11-07-2020
A*****o, 11-07-2020
Bought this service to make sure it was legit so I could buy it for my main. The booster was quick and kind, he/she played jungle and they ganked a lot and each gank was very well played. I definitely recommend this service and especially this specific booster.
G***o, 10-07-2020
Thank you Chiboost! My booster, cyraXx, is quite frankly, one of the best to ever do it! ADC extraordinaire!
M**t, 10-07-2020
Nesteeeeey what a terrific play style he just burned the rift down alone ... really awesome
K********S, 10-07-2020
Went smooth, booster was nice.
M**k, 09-07-2020
Best booster fast and good
Z***d, 04-07-2020
I had a couple boosters from here, but the absolute best one is hosin. Super friendly and clean af on vlad and Viktor, highly recommended!
D**************d, 04-07-2020
erukana thumbs up :) best booster, beast on the rift, nice guy, really helpful i learned a lot from him :) i really do recommend him and Chiboost in general :) 5 stars well deserved
O**************a, 03-07-2020
Fast and higly skilled booster
E*****e, 02-07-2020
  • We provide these for no additional fee
  • Average Completion Time: 24 hrs/division
  • VPN + Encryption Protection
  • Track your order on our dashboard
  • Booster Ready to Play in 5 minutes
  • Choose Summoner Spells
  • Top Tier Master/Challenger Booster
  • Chat Offline when Playing

How our elo boosting works

What is Netwin Boosting?

Net wins are guaranteed wins. Each loss is compensated with another win. This option is the best for placement matches or accounts that are about to demote or simply to improve MMR and make the climb more enjoyable. You can buy from one win so its very affordable for everyone.

Have some questions?

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Chivalrous Boosting was made to make a difference in the world of ELO boosting with superb security, customer satisfaction and additional content. We are legally operating company and all our payments are secured by PayPal meaning your payment information is 100% safe and our website is secured with SSL certificate for further safety. If you are still not convinced check some of our MMR boosting reviews collected by independent review collector: TrustPilot or our vouches on reddit and epvp.

Boosting - service of increasing a customers rank to the desired level by solo or duo method. Read more here.

90% of lol elo boosting orders starts in less than 60 minutes from purchase. Strict role, champion restrictions and some of the high ELO duoq boosts may have a slightly longer waiting time.

All our boosters on major servers (NA, EUW, OCE) are at least Diamond 1, boosters from smaller servers (LAN, LAS, EUNE) are at least challenger.

Our ban ratio for entire 2018 season is a bit over 1% so I would say it's pretty safe, especially considering that we have improved our anti-detection practices.

Our League of Legends MMR boosting is currently offered in soloq and duoq methods. In soloq we play on your account and in duo you play on your own account in the team with our booster.

At the time of writing this we are working with over 300 boosters.

Yes you can choose lanes that the booster will play on the elo boosting order page.

Yes you can do that on our customer panel and we will use it for the duration of the elo boost. Please include at least 3+ champions per role.

Yes we can reliably elo boost your account to any rank including Master, Grandmaster and Challenger.