Top 5 Elo Boost Forums

Published at 2020-08-31 17:51:36 - Edited at 2020-08-31 17:51:36

Popular Elo Boost Forums

Elo boosting is a very intimate thing, you are letting a complete stranger on your account. So you should always make sure to choose someone you can trust, for this reason, most people use specialized sites that give you protection through their brand and reviews you can read online. If you want to try a boosting service, our site offers a warranty for your account and guarantees that you will reach the rank that you have purchased or you are entitled to a refund of the unfinished part of the boost at any time. If you are unfamiliar with what boosting is, you can read this article about it:

Sites usually have higher pricing than forums for obvious reasons such as taxes, salaries of customer agents, staff, and many more things. That's why some people look for cheaper alternatives of "freelancing" boosters through elo boosting forums. Keep in mind that on most forums ranks of the boosters aren't verified and the only way to see if a person is capable to do a kind of boost that you desire is through comments on their threads, so make sure to read it and check if they have any reputation and if they do what kind of reviews they have.

How do Elo Boost Forums work?

These freelancing boosters hang out on specialized gaming forums. These forums work very much like a Market or a bazaar if you will, with all sorts of offers, from items in WoW to hand-leveled accounts in LoL. It is essentially decentralized and anyone can offer their services there and the forum acts as a playground for transactions between buyers and sellers. Some boosters are very good at what they are doing, some are not. Some with reputation, some without. So in short, you never know what you're gonna get until the transaction is done. It is important to note that the forums themselves do not give buyers any guarantees that any transaction on their playground is gonna go smooth, and elo boost forums do not take responsibility if anything goes wrong. So if you do visit such a forum, it’s better to keep your wits about you. 

If you are looking for warranty, safety, and quality you are better off using specialized websites like our own. That’s why we also have a presence on such forums, in case someone is looking for such a thing in the wrong neighbourhood.

Can you get scammed?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. If you decide to get an elo boost service on a forum there is a chance of you getting scammed. The person offering the service would just take your money and leave. After all, it is important to remember that there are people willing to abuse someone's trust. Admins of elo boosting forums are aware of the issue of potential scams that's why there are guides on how to avoid it

As mentioned before, if you want to avoid all the headache and potential scams, it is much safer to get an elo boost through a trusted specialized website. But we still have prepared a list of elo boosting forums, for you to check out in no particular order.


This forum is probably the best out of them all, where boosters find glory and vouchers. It has a lot of reviewers, a functioning market system, trade requests and a lot of people. Sadly most of the boosters on the forum are below standards sites have, for example chiboost hires only GrandMaster boosters. On ElitePvPers there are a lot of Diamond 4 and lower players claiming to do boosts. So be careful with who you choose and make sure they have enough reviews.



It is a well-known forum for RuneScape related needs. However over the years it has expanded into other games, including League of Legends. The admins try to verify ranks of each booster which puts it above the rest, but the forum is not very active. You can surely find some good people if you look around though.



The forum is mainly for WoW audience, there isn't a lot of league content here and it's not very active. It does, however, get a decent amount of traffic so it might be worth checking out for your other needs, but for lol elo boosting it is not recommended due to low amount of reviews.



By far the worst of all mentioned forums. It requires verification of boosters via a photo of their ID and advertising on the forum is pay-walled. These practices limit the number of scammers you can come by, but on the other hand, these requirements discourage a lot of good boosters, who aren't starving for orders, to sign up. The forum also has a reputation of scamming boosters and sellers alike, by banning their paid accounts for little offenses, that's why we would recommend avoiding this particular one.



And ofcourse no list of forums would be complete without Reddit. It is unsurprising that it would find a way onto the list, as it is the one forum site almost everyone knows. You can find all sort of forums on reddit and elo boosting one is no exception. It's a place for those who don't know where else to look for an elo boost. That being said, a specialized website is still gonna provide a higher quality service.




So should you buy an elo boost from a forum? If you ask us the answer would be no., especially if you are new to the world of boosting It is better to buy from a legally operating site like ours, it is faster, safer for both the buyer and the booster, and with a guarantee of quality. But of course it is not up to us to decide for you, our job is to merely inform of the risks associated with buying from forums. If you do, however, gamble buying from a forum remember to triple check whom you are buying from, and keep track of the progress at all times. After all elo boosting is a very sensetive thing.