How to change your Summoner Name in League of Legends

Published at 2020-08-12 15:30:51 - Edited at 2020-08-12 15:30:51

Why would you change a name in League of legends?

Name changing is quite a common thing in LoL. It doesn't change the name you use to login to the game, it changes only the name that appears in-game or on sites such as Some people might do it just for the sake of correcting that one small mistake you made when you have created the account so your name can look nice and clean.

The main reason to change a name is to avoid harassment from a few trolls that you might have met along your ranked climb or toxic friends that you decided to ditch. It's fairly hard to found the account again, it requires a sophisticated method of tracking it through riot Summoner ID which isn't that easy for unskilled users.

Other than that some names are unavailable because they have been claimed by someone else in the past. What a lot of people don't know is that these names become available again after a set period of time passes. The name becomes available again after 6 months of inactivity + 1 for each level of the account above 6. So for a level 30 account, you would have to wait 6 months + 24 months so in total 30 months or 2 and a half year for a name to become available again. If you don't feel like doing the math you can try one of many sites that allow you to check when a name would become available again such as

This is a short guide on how to change your in-game name if you are having trouble figuring it out.

Where to Buy Name Change

You can purchase a name change in client in the store by going to account section which can be found in the top right corner. Name change will cost either 1300 RP or 13900 BE.


Follow these images to easily find where to buy it::


Step 1: Click on the store icon pointed out in the red box.



Step 2: Click on the Account icon pointed out in the red box.



Step 3: Select account section and you will find Summoner Name Change for purchase at the bottom of the list.


GUIDELINES For Summoner Name

If you decide to change your summoner name here are some things that are important to remember:


  • Summoner name must be appropriate and abide Riot's Terms of Use
  • Name must be between 3 and 16 characters long
  • Special characters are allowed if used with appropriate language
  • Name cannot include “Riot” in it.
  • No personally identifying information (like your real name)
  • No impersonation eSports professionals
  • You can swap summoner names between two accounts by contacting Riot


What Riot Considers Inappropriate

Here's a short list of things Riot generally considers inappropriate for a name, there can be other cases which also would be considered so:


  • Summoner names that suggest hate speech, slurs or profanity, implicitly or explicitly
  • Names that refer to something in historical, ethical, or political context
  • Names that contain insults, grotesque imagery, and strong vulgarity