How to Change Language in League of Legends

Published at 2021-03-21 20:15:24 - Edited at 2021-03-21 20:15:24

How to Change Language in League of Legends?


We all know that League of Legends has become a worldwide competitive game and millions of players around the world, in different regions and countries play the game actively. Because the player base of League of Legends is global, there are a lot of languages that game supports. Therefore, players around the world have the chance to play the game in their own native language. This way, they can understand the overall context of the game such as champion’s skills, item’s descriptions, etc. For a player, understanding these concepts are crucial since knowledge of the game matters a lot. Especially, if you are a player who want to advance yourself in competitive area, you must understand every pieces of the information in the game. So, if you do not feel comfortable about playing in English or some other language, you might want to change language in League of Legends.


Also, there are many voice-overs available in many languages. Playing with English voice-over is nice, but if your native language is not English or if you enjoy hearing a specific language (e.g., Japanese), you might want to change your League of Legends language to your native language or to specific language that you enjoy. Playing while hearing the champions speak in your preferred language is highly enjoyable.

Changing Language in League of Legends in Preferences


So, how to change language in League of Legends? Well, there are several ways to do this. When you try to log in to the game via launcher, it will find your region from your IP address, and assume that your language will be from that region. For instance, if you are trying to log in from Poland, the game will assume that your language preferred is Polish (Polski). However, this will probably the case when you try yo log in for the first time.


Keep in mind that when changing language in League of Legends, game offers several languages per server. For instance, if you play on EU-west server, languages that are not in the region will not be offered in the preferences.


You can go to preferences in launcher to change your language. If your preferred language is on the list, then you are lucky, you can change the language from here and you don’t have to do anything further. If you are playing in a EU server, then you will see that there are many languages spoken in Europe and the variety is satisfactory. For years, Riot Games brought language support for many languages that are spoken in the Europe region, and even did the voice-overs. We can say that Riot did a great job, but if your preferred language is still not supported, don’t be sad; Riot Games is committed to bring more and more supported languages to the game.


Changing League of Legends language in preferences does not work for the servers who only offers one or only several languages. Also, it does not work if the places of your preferred languages spoken are far from the server location. For instance, CIS server only supports Russian language since Russian is the language that is widely spoken in the region. However, if you don’t speak Russian but just play in CIS server, or want to experience another language, you can switch servers. And if that makes ping to increase, you may try alternative ways.

How to Force any Language to Play in League of Legends?


By changing some files, it is possible to run the LoL client with any language regardless of the preferred server. For this, you will have to access some game files and change them by Notepad or any other software that allows to open config files. The process may seem a bit difficult but it is easy to get it done and you’ll have to do it for one time only. Here are the steps that you should apply:


1- Open your client and log in to server.

2- Close the client, but do not log out from the server.

3- Go to the file directory where the game is installed

4- You will see a file name as “Config”, go to there.

5- Open LeagueClientSettings.yaml file with notepad or some other software that supports to open this file.

6- Replace the value in the locale line with a value that corresponds to your preferred language (e.g, fr_FR – French).

7- Check if the region line value is matched with the region value of your server. (e.g, if you play on Brazil server, region line value should be BR)

8- Start your client again, and enjoy!


After all these steps are applied, the game can still be in the same language as before. In this situation, you can try to start the game from LeagueClient.exe from the game directory.