Scripting in League of Legends

Published at 2020-06-01 04:38:48 - Edited at 2020-06-01 04:38:48

If you have played League of Legends for a long period of time, along your gaming journey you might have heard someone say “that guy is scripting”; that guy that was playing Xerath and landed every skill-shot. But what is scripting? How does it work and how does Riot fight it. This article will explore these things.

What is Scripting?

A script, is an external program that modifies how things function in the game. Usually it comes in a form of cheating, that gives a competitive advantage to the player using it by automating certain aspects of the game, usually that are mechanically intense (orb-walking, combos, skill-shots, etc). However not all scripts do that, some just add extra functions that do not affect game-play. There are several types of scripts that have had some popularity, here are some of them.

Utility Scripts

Utility scripts offer a small yet important competitive advantage to a player using them through automating such actions as smiting, last hitting minions, and even last hitting kills. But the most notorious script from this category is orb-walking, an action where you move in between auto-attacks. It will often look unnatural as the scripts are usually programmed to have a much higher click-rate than any human can have.

Champions Scripts

These scripts are usually made for mechanically intense champions, like Fiora or Cassiopeia, or ones that have hard to land skill-shots, like Xerath. What the scripts essentially do is automate any combos a champion might have that are hard to pull-off in game while under pressure and enhance your ability to land skill-shots significantly. The champions basically play without much input from the player.


There are also scripts that fully automate a champion. You might have seen it officially when you played vs bots, except this one is gonna be on the team playing with other humans. Usually this type of script is used for grinding accounts from level 1 to 30, hence the name. It is not a threat in competitive play as the bot usually is very bad and will not make any good decisions or plays. This just shows that scripting is only powerful if a human is still in control of the script. Most of the botted accounts get banned relatively fast.

Riot's Stance

Riot has been fighting and is still fighting scripting to this day, and will most likely continue as there will always be people that want to cheat to get an advantage. The worst year in terms of amount of cheaters that have been present in game was 2016 at 4.4% . Now it is sitting around 0.3%. Riot has been very meticulous about banning all cheaters, but unfortunately, since the game is free to play, these same people will enter the game again and again with alternate accounts. And it is hard to shut down the producers of the scripts as a lot of them, if not the majority, make and distribute scripts privately. Cost of a script can be up to 300$; it's quite the business for some people.

Interesting Facts About Scripting

  • Most scripted role is ADC at 72.8% of total amount.
  • Highest win-rate of any scripted champion is Kalista; on average scripted Kalista had about 20% higher win-rate than not scripted one at some point.
  • Most scripted games happen in lower ELO's as most accounts get banned before reaching gold.
  • Xerath is accused of scripting way more often than any other champion, thus creating false reports.
  • 80% of botted accounts end up playing vs Riot's Bots.


Scripting comes in many forms, but one thing for sure is, Riot does not welcome any of them. Riot tirelessly works on ways to identify the offenders and punish them accordingly. It was never revealed how exactly Riot identifies instances of scripting, but it is certain Riot is quite efficient at doing so. Therefor we'd recommend avoiding getting any scripts yourself, as you are way better off spending your hard earned money in other ways, if it is for the purpose of getting higher ELO.