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very good
P***z, 06-05-2023
perfect as usual
P***z, 05-05-2023
Very good, highly recomended
P***z, 03-05-2023
Would recommend 919 very highly
C***g, 02-05-2023
Fast,Reliable and Smooth!
E********9, 30-04-2023
best booster i faced
N**e, 29-04-2023
Wonderful , as always. Super friendly , and skilled player / person. Will always be my to go booster. Keep the great work !
M*******k, 29-04-2023
extremely fast and helpfull
K************s, 18-04-2023
marchewek was the goat, completed the order in a fast time with a heavy team.
K************s, 15-04-2023
Chemist is so good
C***g, 10-04-2023
  • We provide these for no additional fee
  • Average Completion Time: 24 hrs/division
  • VPN + Encryption Protection
  • Track your order on our dashboard
  • Booster Ready to Play in 5 minutes
  • Choose Summoner Spells
  • Top Tier Master/Challenger Booster
  • Chat Offline when Playing
100% Delivery of Service or Money Back 100% Account Warranty

How our elo boosting works

What is Division Elo Boost?

Elo boosting comes in many forms to give you exactly what you need on your account. Division boosting is the most straightforward service and the most popular one here in Chiboost it gives you the best price to results ratio. When you buy this service we give you a guarantee of reaching the division you purchase or you are entitled to a refund for the unfinished part of the boost. All you have to do to get a rank you always wanted is choose your starting and desired rank and proceed to purchase. We boost up to high Challenger so don’t worry about our capabilities.

Modify your order

We believe that the most important of a successful service is to provide you with many features that allow you to modify your order to your liking. Using our order form above you can quickly add lanes our elo booster will play and the server that your account is registered on. The most important distinction between modifiers is the duo or solo boosting method.

The default and cheaper method is solo boosting. In this method, our booster will log onto the account using a VPN location of your choice and play on it as if he was you. If you want to stay undetected to your friends you can add champions and lanes modifier. We will use only these champions to make sure the result of the boost will look as natural as possible.

The more expensive and fun is duo boosting. In this method, you will play in a party with our booster. This method is perfectly safe for your account and guarantees every time you queue up you will have a friend by your side that is of much higher skill level than the average player. It’s like always being in the winner’s queue.

The other modifiers our service offers are premium and live stream. Premium guarantees a booster that has reliably boosted in D4-D2 elo with at least 70% win ratio and a boosters rotation so someone is always active on your account. Livestream means that our booster will stream the games for you using or through other services of your choice.


How safe is Chiboost’s boosting?

Our service has always put the security of your account as our top priority. That’s why we include security features such as VPN encryption, offline mode, and no changes to your summoner spell positions for free. This combined with high-quality VPN and encryption of your personal information allows us to reach 0 ban ratios for account sharing each year. Read our latest ban ratio report here.

We are so confident in the quality of our service that we provide you with a full account warranty in case anything happens to your account please contact us immediately to discuss appropriate compensation.

Why would you buy a boost:

The ELO system is designed to make you play a large number of games before it can properly place you in the rank you belong in. Usually, you need from 200 to 300 ranked games in a season to get properly placed. For a lot of people, that’s just too much time investment to put in each year, our service can grind the hard games for you and put you in a safe place.

The ranked system can be frustrating at times and you can end up in the loser's queue. You end up playing with players who have heavily tanked their MMR and are so frustrated they just run the game down. Our service allows you to fix your ELO and get back to the rank you feel like you belong in. We believe this game should be about having a good time and achieving goals you set before yourself, and it helps a great deal to adjust to a new rank when you sit in the 4th division above your original tier.


Other boosting services

Aside from our product division boosting we also offer:

  • Placements elo boosting - is a service of playing your first 10 matches each season or first 10 games on new accounts. The price depends on your previous rank in the past seasons. We guarantee at least 7 out of 10 wins.
  • Net wins elo boosting - is a perfect service if you want to increase your MMR and get guaranteed wins. The way it works is you choose the number of net wins and we are obliged to get X more wins than losses during our time on your account. E.G. If you buy 3 net wins and we lose the first game we need a 4 games win streak to finish your order.

Have some questions?

We probably have the answers

Chivalrous Boosting was made to make a difference with superb security, customer satisfaction, and additional content. We are a legally operating company and all our payments are secured by PayPal meaning your payment information is 100% safe and our website is secured with an SSL certificate for further safety. If you are still not convinced check some of our MMR boosting reviews collected by independent review collectors: TrustPilot or our vouches on reddit and epvp.

Boosting - service of increasing a customers rank to the desired level by solo or duo method. Read more here.

90% of orders start in less than 60 minutes from purchase. A strict role, champion restrictions, and some of the high ELO orders might have a slightly longer waiting time.

All our boosters on major servers (NA, EUW, OCE) are at least Diamond 1, boosters from smaller servers (LAN, LAS, EUNE) are at least challenger.

Our ban ratio for the entire 2018-2019 season was 0.05% so it’s very safe. We haven’t received a single ban for account sharing since December 2018.

Our service offers solo queue and duo queue methods of completing your order. In soloq we play on your account and in duo you play on your own account in the team with our booster.

At the time of writing this, we are working with over 400 boosters so there is always someone available. If you want to make sure you can get a booster within the required timeframe please message us on livechat.

Yes, you can. You have to make an order with the champions modifier on our order page. You will be able to make a selection in our customer panel. You can view a demo of how it looks on our Demo Elo Boost customer panel page.

We have wide variety of boosters that can play almost any champion at any role. If you are still in doubt please contact us through live chat or discord and we can confirm that we play your champ and role at your ELO. Keep in mind role/champ restriction might increase waiting time for the booster, because it limits the pool of available boosters.

We can reliably boost to any rank on any server. GrandMaster and Challenger orders are negotiated directly with the owner, please add me on discord Sir Bertrand du Guesclin#1992.