What does boosted mean in LoL?

Published at 2020-09-28 14:54:32 - Edited at 2020-10-01 18:15:28

If you have played ranked games for some amount of time in league, you probably have seen the term “boosted” thrown around every now and then. This article will explain what it is generally and what our website, a provider of such service, has to offer.

Elo boosting definition

The concept itself is very simple, elo boosting, as the name suggests, is a process of raising ones elo. The service is generally provided by top 0.01%-1% players to lower ranked players to increase their rank to the desired level. Even though Elo boostig is associated with paid services, it is an inevitable part of the game, since often higher rated players have friends and they sometimes play with their lower ranked friends via smurfs, raising their friends elo in the process. However there is a big difference between friends unintentionally reasing elo and a professional elo boost. A seasoned booster will have no problems stomping games at lower ratings and get the job done at a much faster pace.

There are two main methods of boosting in League of Legends, Solo and Duo. Even though the end result is the same, there are differences between the two methods that make them quite distinct. But enough sidetracking, let's evaluate what types of boosts we offer.

Types of Elo Boost

We offer several types of elo boost: divisions, Net Wins, Placements. Even thought the process is the same each one has it's own perks so choose one that fits your needs the most.


This type of Elo Boost is the most straightforward and easy to understand. You want to reach a certain division? Buy this one, it doesn't matter how many games it takes to get to the desired division, it will get done. It is most suited for large orders like Gold 4 to Platinum 4 and etc. It is the go to choice if you want to reach a specific rank.


As the name suggests, a booster will provide you with a guaranteed net amount of wins. For example if you order 2 net wins a booster has to win 2 more games than he loses. This kinda of boost is most suited for when you need just a little bit of help to push through to higher elo, like when you are one game away from promo and feel stressed, or if you want to try out the service.


Well Placements is what it is, booster will play Placements games for you with a guarantee that 70% of the games played will be won. You can order any number of placement games and at any point of placement games. It is important to note that this type of order is only available fro placement games.

Methods of elo boosting

As we have mentioned before there are only 2 methods of boosting, Solo and Duo. Depending on your needs and desires one or the other might suit you better.

Solo Boost

Solo boost, is the most offenly used and prefered method by both boosters and customers. As the name suggests, a booster will perform the act of elo boosting alone. For that he would need to log onto your account and play the game for you. Due to it being solo a booster will often have his own duo, to make the process even smoother. This method is by far cheapest and fastest, because of the inherent flawes that it has. You are allowing a stranger to use your precious account which is prohibited behaviour by Riot Games and may get you banned, not because you are getting elo boosted per say, but because account sharing is not allowed.

However, over the years professional companies, like our own, have learned and adapted. They found ways to bring down ban ratios to almost 0%. They do it by using paid VPNs with numerous locations, offline mode (Read more here) and by mimicking your playstyle using the same champions and roles. You don't need to worry about your account getting banned for sharring.

Duo Boost

Duo method is exactly the same as playing ranked games with your friend, just with one slight difference. It’s not your friend playing with you, it’s one of the best players on the entire server. With this “slight” edge our service will carry you to your desired rank. That being said, doesn't mean you can slack off, you still need to do your best!

This method is completely ban proof, because you don’t share account with anyone, altough it takes longer and is more expensive than solo boosting. It is the ideal way of gaining elo for those that just need a tiny bit of help from rng jesus with a loaded dice.

Additional Services

With any type of boost you order you can select additional options. You may want to select one or few depending on your needs. We offer several option and maybe will include more later.


You can select which role you want the booster to play. Select this if you only play specific roles in your games, or if you want to learn a specific role. If you don't select anything booster can play whatever he feels will get the job done the quickest.


Similar to roles, you give us a list of champions that you would like to see being played on your order. It can be one or many different champions. It is best to combo this with roles options for us to get the right booster for you. Ideal for those people that are a one trick pony, or that want to see their account have a speccicfic champion to be on top of their list.


The booster will stream games played for you if you select this option. A good option if you want to see camera and mouse movement, or just for the entertainment value. It is ideal for those that want more than just a boost, they want to learn from it as well, and what is a better way than having to see direct imput of one of the best players on the server.


This option will take your order to another level. You will only be provided with our best boosters to do the order, that have been in the business for years and kept challenger rank for many consequitive seasons. With this option you can be assured you gonna get the best experience possible.

Why would you buy an elo boost?

There are many reasons why someone would buy an elo boost, and vary a lot in intention, we will mention a few here, but of course it is impossible to mention them all, since it is varies vastly from person to person.

No Time

Sometimes you just don't have the time to grind solo que, and as any veteran league player knows, it can take a lot of time to climb even a single devision. You maybe know that you can climb, but you just don't have the time. Therefore instead of grinding you would rather someone do it for you, instead of stagnating at an elo for weeks. It's simple a way of saving your precious time and nerves.


This is another very common reason. You just want to get the end of season rewards. These rewards always include victorious skin, but come with more sometimes, like a chroma or a victorious ward. If you are platinum or above, maybe some friends even asked you to help them out at the end of season, you know how the drill goes. But yeah, someone might not have have the time or skill to make it in time, and the easiest and fastest way to still reap the benefits of the season is to get a boost. As a side note, it would also be an investment, as each victorious skin, and other rewards, add value to the account in case you would like to sell it later.


A reason you might not expect to see here, buying a boost to learn the game. Sometimes you might want to buy a boost just to watch the booster play, and talk to them, about why they do certain things. Basically getting a boost to learn from the best. It is an usual method of learning albeit something people do. And there is merrit to it, people tune in to streams for the same reason, except during a boost you have your own personal streamer that you can ask questions to.

Can you get scammed?

No, with a legally operating company like our own you won't get scammed. We have a reputation to uphold and have high standards for all of our boosters. That being said, we still think it's important to warn you about some things.

Like with anything there are people looking to abuse trustfull natures of others in world of boosting. If you see anyone offering a “free” boost for example, run like hell. This person is most likely looking to get your accout banned by running it down, or using scripts on your account. So you should be looking for a paid service, after all it's not an easy job to consistantly win and requires a lot of dedication and practice.

A more tricky matter is freelancing boosters, that offer their services on forums and other social medias. Although some of them are legit, often they turn out to be just another scam. If you want to get an elo boost, the safest bet is to get one from a trusted website like our own, that give you waranty and safety of your account.

Should you get a boost?

It is a very personal question and we cannot answer it for you. But we can say the following there is no shame in getting a bit of help if you need it. Due to lack of time, frustration due to being stuck in one place, or just a desire to get rewards. Boosting is always an option worth considering in the right circustances, so do not be afraid to get a boost from a trusted company like our own. And if you do get a boost consider getting a coaching session along with it.