Eternals explained

Published at 2020-09-15 22:57:56 - Edited at 2020-09-15 23:00:14

What are Eternals in LoL?

Eternals are an extension of champion mastery, but are essentially stat trackers for champions. Eternals come both in generic and champion specific forms. Generic forms would include take-downs and objectives. While champion specific would be something like, tanking x amount of damage with Alistar's ultimate. A lot of single player games have stat trackers, it is kinda fun to know what you specialize at in a long run, so over all Eternals are a welcome addition to League of Legends.

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There are a couple things you need to know in order to Master the system, but it's pretty straightforward. There are a total of 5 milestones per Eternal and 3 Eternals in a set. After you reach 5th milestone in an Eternal it will become rekindled and will start counting your personal all time best for a single game. Rekindling 3 Eternals in a set will upgrade your champions mastery. And with that you can flex even harder on your opponents in game you dominate.

For those that are interested, and there are such people, there is also a lore element associated with the mechanic where each Eternal represents a deity in the universe of Runeterra. It is refreshing to know Riot still tries to expand the Lore.

The 6 Eternals
From left to right: The Warden, The Protector, The Empress, The Trickster, The Warrior, The Guide

How to buy Eternals?

Eternals are purchasable in the store for each champion individually or for all via a pass. At the moment there are 2 sets of Eternals, Starter Series and Series 1, with more to be added later.

You can get starter series for a champion for 225 RP or 2500 BE. Pass for starter series costs 1350 RP or 14750 BE. Series 1 for a champion cost 600 RP. Pass for Series 1 costs 5850 RP.

It is important to note once you've unlocked a pass any champion that will come out will have Eternals unlocked for that particular pass.

Since Riot has always envisioned Eternals being available via Loot, starting from 3rd split it will also be possible to unlock them via Eternals Capsules. These will contain series for a specific champion.

Champion that gets a victorious skin, will also come with eternals for that champion.

What features Eternals have?

  • Tracking stats for a champion
  • Selected stats can be displayed on loading screen on champion card
  • Milestones reached during a game will pop up on screen during a game
  • Upgrades Mastery Emote

Future Features (Can be changed):

  • Seasonal best for each Eternal per season
  • Exclusive Eternals Emote



Should you get Eternals?

Whether you should or should not get Eternals is not up to us to decide, as it is a matter of preference. If you are a collector then getting a pass rather than individual set certainly makes more sense due to the price points. A pass costs about 10 individual champions sets. Eternals do not provide a whole lot at the moment, but it seems more value will be added in the future.

Considering Riot promises of 30% to 60% discounts at the beginning of each season, it certainly seems worth checking out. That being said, the Starter Series are recommended for everyone who has an excessive amount of blue essence.