What is L9 - It's History

Published at 2020-08-12 14:03:19 - Edited at 2020-09-15 23:01:34

If you happen to play on EUW, you’ve probably heard of L9. They’re a popular team, but most of us know next to nothing about their interesting history.

What is L9?

L9 was a pack of trolls who played at a professional level. They were bound to become famous eventually, or rather, infamous. Players saw them as toxic players, but how bad were they really, who were they as people, and what became of them? 

Many of L9 members were responsible for low-level naughtiness, this includes; using the enemy missing ping in a passive-aggressive manner, along with typing “xD” when someone dies. Sadly, that’s not the end of it.

Some of L9’s founder’s inted games, spammed chat, and took lobbies hostage. They also carried out several other bannable offenses, but don’t get us wrong, they weren’t’ all bad people. A couple of L9’s players went on to have great careers, including RatIRL, who boosted plenty of accounts for people and still streams to this day. 

In fact, many of the original founders have gone on to become decent people, yet their legacy is already set. If you see a wannabe with the “L9” clan tag, chances are they’re going to make you wish you’d uninstalled.

L9 Meaning and It's Reputation

Low 9 - or L9, as they’re usually referred to - doesn’t really exist anymore. That being said, their actions won’t soon be erased from LoL history. It’s these actions that we will be looking at today.

In the beginning, they were just a few pals having fun, ruining games, but then they realised something: They were good, real good, and people wanted to hang out with them.

After all, if toxic players can reach challenger, surely that means Bob - who’s hard-stuck Bronze IV - can too? If you’ve played this game, you can see why this would appeal to some players. Sure, a couple of their accounts got banned, but wait until you discover how far they got by being toxic and playing well. It might remind you a little of Tyler1, who was an egg-shaped ball of anger that received a lifetime ban. It didn’t end there though, as this ban was lifted and he went on to become Riot’s poster boy.

No, seriously, Tyler even got a spot on the LCS analyst desk. Some might say that the success of L9 and Tyler1 is proof that anyone can turn their life around. Others might say that it’s a sad story of how we reward people for bad behavior. Either way, L9 is certainly an interesting team to talk about!

In the beginning, L9 had just 2 players; RatIRL and 0bsess. When people figured out that RatIRL was a toxic pro, others wanted in. Low9 blew up in a big way, people wanted their clan tag, they wanted to feel special too. By this point, they had added 2 new members, and officially, there would only ever be 4. The team still gave fans what they asked for though, at least, that’s how it seemed.

L9 soon figured out that people wanted to join their clan so badly that they would even pay for it. Given how big the team was at the time, the clan quickly filled up. Now you might be thinking that at this point L9 would call it a day. 

Of course, you probably weren’t thinking that. They were a troll team, and back then, they weren’t all nice people - why wouldn’t they troll their fans? This sort of spoils some of the surprise you might have felt as we describe what L9 did next, but ah well.

L9 left the clan and started a new one. That’s right. All those members that paid to join did not share a clan with their heroes for very long. They did keep the clan tag though, which was...something?

The troll team didn’t stop there, no, in fact they started a new clan and did the same thing again. When that clan was full, they did it again, and again, and again. 

Players caught on eventually and stopped giving them money, but by this point, L9 had started to fizzle out anyway. Now, we may have painted a pretty dark picture of the founders of this group. They weren’t’ all awful examples of humanity though, as you’re about to find out.

L9 Members

Although there are more L9 members than listed below, here's a short list of some very prominent ones


Despite this guy’s reputation, he was not the most popular member of L9. Why? Because he rarely streamed, and when he did, it usually ended with him getting so drunk he didn't always perform.

What he really became known for was being the duo partner of RatIRL. In the end, though Ap0calypse did make something of a name for himself. In fact, he went on to become the number 1 Mordekaiser player in the world, which is interesting; Despite being permabanned multiple times per season, Ap0calypse was still able to climb to such a high ranking. No matter what you think of his behavior, that’s pretty impressive! It’s also possible that Ap0calypse did some LoL boosting for L9. It’s hard to say exactly which players boosted accounts, but given this player’s high ranking, this seems likely.

Over the years he is known for reaching high challenger on numerous positions and numerous champions. With some insane win ratios reaching 85-90% in Challenger. Quite an amazing feat.

These days, the barf boy with bad behavior is actually a Support player, a Janna main no less! As we’re Support players ourselves, we don’t like to think that one of our own would end up like this. That being said, his latest account hasn’t been banned in a while, so it seems like he’s reformed a little - not as much as some other members though.


While he had a reputation as a bit of a flamer back in the day, 0bsess went on to join a few teams. His latest team goes by “mousesports” and is doing fairly well for itself.

His toxic past seems to be behind him now, although whether he’s being good for the sake of his pro career, or because he’s just grown as a person is unknown - currently he only plays in national leagues, but the LEC doesn’t seem beyond him! After all, another member of L9  has already made it, and we’ll talk about them soon, but first, the most popular member;


This is the guy who kicked the whole thing off. In the beginning, it was just him and 0bsess duo queuing, but then their number doubled. Before making it big on Twitch, RatIRL was known as one of the biggest players in LoL boosting. 

RatIRL boosted accounts so fast that people accused him of hacking, which, as any LoL player will know, is the ultimate unintentional compliment. While RatIRL was never a hacker, he has been banned more than once.

However, RatIRL does seem to have followed the other members of his team and cleaned up his act. That being said, the trail of banned accounts has stained his reputation a little, despite RatIRL being a good boy now. Here’s just a couple of them;

  • Mr RATiRL
  • x9 my botlane
  • Sir RATiRL
  • Tyra Banks

And many more. Keep in mind that these are just the known accounts. There are likely others that he never showed on Twitch. No matter what he’s done though, you can’t deny that RatIRL is a god at LoL boosting.

His preferred strategy was to play Twitch Jungle, which is absolutely amazing at low elo. All you have to do is gank a lane while invisible, and bam, dead enemies. Of course it takes a little more than that to get an 85% win rate on multiple accounts, but he managed to do it. And now, he’s given it up. 

Well, he’s given up lol boosting at least, but he still streams on Twitch. If you want to check him out, his name is, unsurprisingly, “RatIRL.”


This guy definitely lives up to his name. While you can’t deny that L9 helped him get to where he is, he wasn’t like the rest of them. You see, Selfmademan was never toxic, in fact, he loved chatting with people.

In the spring LEC of 2019 he won many awards, even though his team performed poorly. The team he currently plays for? Fnatic.

In the past, he’s also played for teams like SK Gaming and MAD Lions. He also serves as a living example that no matter how toxic an organization might be, they all have good individuals. 

L9 and Elo Boost

Although some of the members have moved on to do other things, some however, are very much present in the boosting scene and are highly regarded. Boosting members of L9 are not associated with any particular website, but they do pop up here and there to do an odd job. And as you can gather from reading the article, they are very good at boosting. Some of them have worked with us, and some have been working with chiboost for a while. And you can be assured, that a member of L9 will get a boost done fast and clean.

Is L9 Still A Thing?

No, the days of L9 are over, and perhaps that’s for the best. It’s reported that the players don’t even talk to each other anymore. RatIRL and 0bsess - who used to be the best of friends - have not duo queued in years. Rumor has it that the two have fallen out.

Selfmademan seems to have distanced himself the most, which is understandable. While there are some players out there who want to bring back L9, most of us are happy for them to stay as history.

It was a toxic meme team that seems to have taught its players a valuable lesson about basic decency. However, if you’re looking for a LoL account boosted by RatIRL, it might still be possible to find. The chances are slim though. 

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t try boosting though! LoL boosting offers many advantages, and we strongly recommend you give it a go if you’re looking to gain access to some juicy benefits!