Our ban ratio for elo boosting in 2018

Published at 2019-01-11 03:55:11 - Edited at 2019-01-11 03:58:51

Chiboost believes in transparency of business that’s why we decided to release information on how many of our 781 unique customers received bans or limitations on their accounts.

We’ve completed 1.273 separate orders this year.

Flaming punishments we received:

  • 5 accounts received 14 day limitations
  • 1 account permanent ban due to previous limitations on customers account

All these boosters are no longer working with us and received appropriate fines for up to 250$. All customers have been appropriately compensated.

Elo boosting punishments received:

  • 7 accounts received 14 day limitations for account sharing

We’ve reviewed all of those orders and if we missed our standards in anyway we issued appropriate refunds, usually full refund for last order completed or account of the same rank with end of season rewards.

This means that our ban ratio for Season 8 is: 1,02% and we are dedicated to make it even better this season!

You can easily verify our approach to customers by looking at our flawless reviews ?

If you have any questions or inquiries let us know and I wish all of you a happy season 9!