What is MMR in LoL

Published at 2019-03-01 12:06:25

Definition of MMR

MMR – Match Making Rating is a hidden rating used in League of Legends to choose players for each team, the basis of MMR comes from ELO rating systems.

The elo rating system is a method for calculating the relative skill level of players. Developed by Arpad Emmerich Elo to be used in chess.

The specific formula used for ELO calculations in LoL is unknown. We can only theorize what it might be based on the chess ELO rating system.

Elo system assumes that person’s performance varies from game to game and that player with higher rating is expected to win more on average than someone with lower Elo. Your elo score is affected only by your win/loss statistics in relation to other players, this means that your score, cs and other factors aren’t taken into account.

You can read more about chess elo rating system here.


The system will try to create two balanced teams that are as close to having equal win chance as possible, so that the only variable that changes is you.

As an example team with 400 higher MMR is ten times as likely to win. Usually discrepancies aren’t that big, but always one team is at least slightly more likely to win than the other. This affects the amount of LP you get per win, if your team was more likely to win you will receive less LP than you are used to.

We can safely assume based on how lazy Riot games is that the previous elo rating system scores are very similar to current MMR system. The only difference being that it’s hidden. To give you a good perspective on what your MMR might be I’m posting elo ratings before introduction of League system in season 3.

  • Bronze: Between 0 and 1149 (Team: 0-1249) (Top 100%)
  • Silver: Between 1150 and 1499 (Team: 1250-1449) (Top 68%-13%) Majority of Active Player Base
  • Gold: Between 1500 and 1849 (Team: 1450-1649) (Top 13%-1.5%)
  • Platinum: Between 1850 and 2199 (Team: 1650-1849) (Top 1.5%-0.1%)
  • Diamond: 2200 and above (Team: 1850+) (Top 0.1%)

Keep in mind each type of queue has completely separate rating.

Another thing that it’s good to know is that your MMR changes regardless if you gain or lose LP. So even if you lose a game when you have 0 league points it will alter your MMR slightly even though your LP remains the same.

How to increase your MMR

The only factor that MMR system is taking into account is how often do you win compared to average player. This means that the only way to increase your MMR and have bigger LP gains is to win a lot more. The less games you have played the more easily you can alter your MMR, it’s especially easy during placement games

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