Teamfight tactics explained, guide included

Published at 2019-06-24 19:20:10 - Edited at 2019-06-28 18:08:56

Teamfight tactics is a new permanent mode based on Dota Autochess and it will include ranked queue.

What is TFT

It’s a strategy oriented arena where each of 8 players build an army and then face each other in a series of battles. Everyone starts with 100 hp and each round loser’s hp is damaged based on the amount of units left in the winner’s army.
In the start of the game each player is allowed to choose his first unit and the first item for his army from the spinning carousel, shortly after you will face two PvE rounds before facing other players. This allows you to build up your army and figure out your strategy.


The main resource in the game is gold. There are two ways to earn it:

  1. Passive income after each round
  2. Income, every 10 gold yields 1 extra gold at the end of the round
  3. Selling champions

The shinny metal can’t buy you items like in the main game mode instead you can buy units for your army and increase your level.


Your level determines how many units you can have on the battlefield. Each level allows you to add one extra unit.


You have a chance to get random item from PvE rounds. Additionally you can grab an item that is attached to the champion you picked during carousel round. It’s an important strategy to sometimes pick a champion just for an item, you can get rid of the champion by selling it. Item that was attached to it will spawn in the left corner of your arena.
In similar fashion to the main game mode items combine to create stronger items with unique effects.

Items in TFT
Picture from Scarras cheat sheet


Units is the single most important aspect of the game. Each unit has an origin and a class by combining champions that share either you will unlock special bonuses that boost your entire army.
There are different tiers of units each more powerful, but also more expensive than the previous one. First tier unit costs 1 gold, next tier is 1 gold more up to 5 gold for the ultimate units.
You can also upgrade your units to the silver and gold levels. If you manage to collect 3 identical units you will be able to combine them into one silver champion. For the last level you will need 3 silver units that will combine into gold level unit.
We are attaching explanation of all classes and origins below:

classes in TFT
Picture from Scarras cheat sheet

Video guides

We are attaching a few video guides that we liked :)

Best Synergies

Here are best synergies created by reddit user: /u/Destello from post.