League of Legends jokes and puns

Published at 2019-06-21 01:42:28 - Edited at 2019-06-21 01:53:37

We have prepared a compilation of lol jokes from around the web. If you know any jokes that we haven’t included let us know in the comments and lets share a laugh together!

Yes we are aware that some of those might not be the best..

Why does Teemo live in a small house?

He doesn’t need mushroom.

“I hear Yorick is gay”


“I hear he really digs graves”

Why did Twisted Fate get deported?

He doesn’t have a green card.

Why did the manaless Syndra run from the teamfight?

She didn’t have the balls.

Did you hear what happened to Singed’s Twitter followers?

They all died.

How does Janna shield her allies?

With Ease. (With E’s).

What do you call a cross-dressing Zilean?

A Brazilian.

What is Lee Sin’s favourite game mode?

Blind Pick.

Yo mama’s so fat, when she recalled, all 3 lanes pinged MIA.

whats vaynes favorite website?


How does Sona charge her phone?

With a Power Chord.

Why did Sivir lose the spelling bee?

She could only spell shield.

Lee Sin walks into a bar.

And a table.

And a chair.

Why can’t Olaf park in a handicapped spot?

He can’t be disabled.

Who is the smartest female Champion?

Jinx. She got A’s while the rest got D’s.

What do you call an AFK Shyvana

A Statikk Shiv.

Why did Zyra get banned?

She had too many leaves.

How many Bronze players does it take to change a lightbulb?

None. They can’t even climb the ladder.

Why are Americans bad at League?

They can’t defend their towers.

Why does Soraka throw bananas?

Because she can’t peel.

Why can Yasuo open every door?

Because he HasAKey

What do you call a Blitzcrank with six Trinity Forces?

A really expensive hooker.

But have a bonus. What’s an afk Lucian?

A Black Leaver.

Cassiopeia always knows how much she weighs thanks to all her scales.

How many Rioters does it take to screw in a light bulb?

None, light bulb has been temporarily disabled due to a bug.