Is elo boosting illegal?

Published at 2019-03-29 17:44:18 - Edited at 2019-04-02 23:51:16

I would like to address popular misconception that Elo boosting is illegal. Illegality means that something is prohibited by law of the country, especially criminal law. There is only one country in the world that criminalized elo boosting, it’s South Korea. Boosters in South Korea can face up to 2 year suspended prison time and fine up to 18,000$. South Korea has a lot of internet laws that are focused around the internet and gaming community due to highly competitive society. You can read more here

Is elo boosting illegal in other countries?

Elo boosting is completely legal in EVERY single country in the world, but South Korea. You can get punished by it and most elo boosting companies like chiboost are legally registered and legally speaking are no different than your grocery shop, we pay our taxes and abide law.

Is elo boosting illegal according to Riot Games?

First of all Riot can’t determine if something is legal or not that’s something that countries do, not private companies. A question that a lot of people might want to ask is: “Is elo boosting against Riots Terms of Service and can i get punished or banned for it?”

If you read Riots Terms of Service you will find out that it’s very outdated and that they don’t mention elo boosting there even once. The only thing that you can get punished for is account sharing. During solo boosting you share your account so you could get punished for it, but duo boosting is completely safe, because you never share your account.

I hope that clears some common misconceptions.