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Chyper – Valorant agent guide

Published at 2020-10-13 01:27:51 - Edited at 2020-10-13 01:27:51


As some of you may or may not know Chyper is a very important part of most team compositions and pretty much can be played comfortably in every map both on the attacker and defender side. In this guide, the ChiBoost team will help you to understand the strengths as well as weaknesses of the character. We will also provide you with utility spots and overall setups in every bombsite that you can use in your games.

Chyper has 4 abilities. His camera, trap wire, cyber cage, and finally his ult.


His most important ability – Spy Cam


This amazing gadget can decide rounds by alerting you and your teammates and giving the info you need early without risking your life. You can do all of that without being near it. Those aspects of the camera make it one of, if not the best, utility to get information. But great power comes with greater responsibilities. You have limited placing range and if it gets destroyed you’ll have to wait for your cooldown (for 45 seconds) to place a new camera. If you are too predictable then you will get punished hard by losing vision of the area. Here are some tips to use it effectively:

  • Use different spots but abuse the working spot as long as possible
  • Don’t be afraid to trade your camera for information
  • Don’t let the huge cooldown scare you from using your camera aggressively. You are trading your gadget to get the information early. Getting the information you need that early can be the deciding factor of the round.
  • Put it on hard/awkward to reach spots
  • When the enemy needs to push the chokepoint, they have to make a decision; do they push to break the camera and deny the information or ignore it to go for the kill? This indecisiveness will put them in awkward positions to secure you kills.
  • Peek with your camera, not with your body

A Defense cam placement with Cypher on Ascent Map

B Defense cam placement with Cypher on Ascent Map

Mid Defense cam placement with Cypher on Ascent Map

Cam placement for attack Ascent mid

Cam placement on Bind map


A flankers nightmare – Tripwire


This and his camera is what makes Chyper a great information hero. You can provide intel about potential flanks or side pushes by the enemy team. If you catch an enemy hero (with the combination of your smokes, enemy highlighting, and stunning ability of tripwire) it’s almost a guaranteed kill.
They can also be redeployed with no cooldown. We will go over the best places to put your utility at the end of the guide but to give you the general sense to where and how should you use your wires here are some tips:

  • Place your traps at the hip level; this will generally result in them getting caught or shooting or using a damaging utility on the trap to give you information and value in the process
  • Use different spots but abuse the working spot as long as possible; same as the camera example. Abuse your spot as long as they are working
  • Place it on the flank route


Budget smoke – Cyber Cage

This ability is essentially a smoke that can be only be thrown relatively close to you but can be turned on at any time by looking at it and pressing a key. Additionally, if an enemy player enters the cage a sound will be made to alert you and your teammates. You can see into a Cyber Cage from above. Keep this in mind when trying to get a peek at enemies trying to move through it. You could catch them off guard if you peek from on top of a box or ledge.

  • Try to set up your smokes in combination with your wires:
    et up one cage before the start of the round, placed on one of the tripwires. This helps to stop any extreme pushes as if the attacking team pushes through them you can spray them down due to the sound it makes when they enter the cage.
  • Learn the one-way smokes to catch your enemies off:
    A one-way smoke can mean the difference between losing the site and successfully defending it. There are several ways to throw your cage to those spots; choose one and repeat it until you can do it without giving much attention.
  • Learn the common attacker smokes:
    Let’s be honest, you’ll eventually be in a game with 4 attacker heroes without any easy smokes. You can still block off some common spots and lead your team to victory if you know how to throw it.


I know exactly where you are! - Neural Theft (Ultimate)

Chyper’s ultimate is one of the most straightforward ultimates in the game. When you use it on a dead body, the ability reveals all enemies' locations if they are alive. My best and only tip is don't use it if:

  • You already know the location of the enemies
  • They have enough time to take new positions
  • You can win the round without it