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League of Legends net wins boost

If you aren't sure what's the difference between soloq and duoq boosting. Read our definition of elo boosting here.

Special Requests for boosting

If you want to add any special request for the booster like positions hes supposed to play or champions contact us on live chat or our discord. There might be percentage price increase depending on the difficulty of your request.

How fast can you start my elo boost?

We start looking for booster for you as soon as your payment arrives. Process usually takes less than 2 hours.

What are net wins?

Net wins are calculated by wins – losses = net wins

Example: If you buy 5 net wins your booster needs to have 5 more wins than losses. So if he lost first 2 games he needs to win 7 times in order for the boost to be finished. Basically every time he loses a game he needs to win 1 more game than you ordered.

Choose for yourself precisely how much games you want won on your account. It’s a perfect buy for everyone stressing over promos or for those who simply want to rebound from losing streak.

We’re doing both solo and duo net wins boost.

What is a Division Boost?

A Division Boost is a Type of boost that will guarantee the League and Division you Desire.

How we protect your account from bans for boosting

Here in Chivalrous Boosting we offer safest boosts in the web thanks to:

  • Detailed boosting guidelines
  • Strict antiflame policy
  • VPN from your country and/or province
  • Offline mode, stay invisible to your friends during boosting
  • No changes to summoner spells or in game settings
  • Custom requests and restrictions you can ask for to match your play patterns. (contact us through discord or live chat)

You can read our reviews here:

You can also read our About Us to know us better.

Additional information

Current division

Unranked, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond 5-3, Diamond 2-1, Master

Method of boosting

Soloq, Duoq