Odyssey Loot

Published at 2018-09-13 02:44:07 - Edited at 2018-09-13 02:44:07

Riot released an event called Odyssey in order to promote their new line of skins. To celebrate that you will be able to earn Odyssey tokenOdyssey tokens for missions in both matchmade competetive games and in Odyssey game mode.


You can spend Odyssey tokens for the following loot:

Odyssey orb:

Cost: 250 RP or Odyssey tokenx50

Guaranteed loot: One random skin shard

Change to drop:

  • 5% chance for Odyssey Gem which can be used to unlock a jackpot bag of your choice
  • 1.5x multiplier on gemstone and Gemstone Skin drop rate

Odyssey gem:

You can obtain gems through random drops from orbs or from bundle for 5000 RP containing 20 orbs + 1 gem + 110 Odyssey token

Used to craft Jackpot bags:

  • Revel Bag: five skin shards, one from every skin tier up to (and including) Legendary
  • VS Faction Bag: five skin shards for champions from the same faction
  • Crab Bag: six skin shards, one from each role (assassin, fighter, mage, marksman, support, and tank)
  • Champion Bag: complete set of skin shards for a random champion
  • Birdie Bag: complete set of skin shards for a random skin line


Loading screen borders for Odyssey skins:

Cost: 80 Odyssey tokeneach


icon-OdysseyCost: 50 Odyssey token each


Hextech Crafting Masterwork ChestMasterwork Chest :

Cost: 40 Odyssey token

Hextech Crafting ChestChest:

Cost: 25 Odyssey token

Hextech Key

Cost: 25 Odyssey token

Fragment of hextech key

Cost: 10 Odyssey token