What does boosted mean in LoL?

Published at 2018-04-12 20:26:05 - Edited at 2019-06-13 18:08:12

Elo boosting definition

Service provided by top 0.01%-1% players to lower ranked players to increase their rank to the desired level. There are two main methods of boosting in League of Legends, this methods may differ in other games.


Meaning of solo boosting comes down to booster logging on your account and pretending that it’s you playing. This method is cheapest and fastest, because of the inherent flawes that it has. You are allowing a stranger to your precious account which is prohibited behaviour by Riot Games and may get you banned. In some cases so called “free” boosters promise you boost just to feed or script on your account so I would advice against using their services.

Over the years professional companies learnt to adapt to bring down ban ratios to almost 0% by using paid VPNs with numerous locations, offline mode (Read more here) and by mimicking your playstyle using the same champions and roles.

You can check our pricing for Solo division boost here. We do all of the meantioned techniques free of charge including mimick option unless it increases the boosting time or difficulty then we charge 10-30% extra.


Is exactly the same as playing ranked games with your friend, just with one slight difference. It’s not your friend playing with you, it’s one of the best players on the entire server. With this “slight” edge our service will carry you to your desired rank.

This method is completely ban proof, because you don’t share account with anyone, altough it takes longer and is more expensive than solo boosting.

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