LoL ranks and how to climb

Published at 2018-08-30 16:23:31 - Edited at 2018-08-30 16:24:52


LoL ranks are part of League of Legends ranking system that is a slight alternation of Elo rating system used in chess and other games. Back in the first seasons, your ranking was shown as the number of ELO points you have, after first seasons Riot decided to introduce something more immersive and divided the ladder into LoL ranks we know today.

In order to get ranked every player needs to play 10 placement games that try to roughly evaluate his level of play and assign him to correct elo between Bronze and Platinum 5. After that you climb by gaining League Points. 100 points gives you possibility to advance to next division.


LoL Ranks

Seven different tiers from Bronze to Challenger was created, each containing five divisions. This division was a big success for Riot it coined numerous memes and sucked uncountable amount of players into the game for years. Feeling of progress and aspirations to reach diamond fueled dreams of many young players.


Overview of each rank and how to get out of it

Bronze rank

Bronze LOL rank ELO boostBronze is a lowest LoL rank and the third most populated one with 15% of the worst players in it. It’s a rank of ultimate hunger games, there are no rules and everyone is running around like a madman without any plan in mind. Players here take the game very emotionally and are unable to take a step back and think what they are doing wrong, this results in enormous amount of trolls, feeders, and afks which makes climbing out very frustrating.

Tips on how to climb out:

  • Play only one champion in all roles that is good in all stages of the game preferably with hard engage and simple mechanics i.e. Wukong, Annie
  • Copy runes and builds from OP.GG (Don’t theorycraft!!!)
  • Prioritize CS
  • Accept that you are at the bottom of the ladder and follow the example of the ones better than you
  • Stay alive and farm!!! Don’t chase kills
  • Never FF random throws are super common

Silver rank

Silver LOL rank elo boostIs a middle class rank in Leauge of Legends, you think you have your shit together but actually you are being exploited by everyone above you. There is whopping 47% of all players inside Silver rank, most of them emotionally unstable. Rules of the game like proper back timings, csing, collecting objectives after kills and closing the game is unheard of. Usually at least one or two players are multiple levels behind and feeds like his life depends on it. Mid/Late game is just random chasing through the jungle most of the time. You can see improvement from bronze in itemization which gets a bit better and overall mechanics.

Tips on how to get out:

  • Try to apply trading stance to your farming
  • Watch streams and coaching videos about mid/late game, watch how people rotate!
  • Ping your team to take objectives
  • Stick to easy to learn champion that is good in all phases of the game and has CC/Engage like: Annie, Wukong, Hecarim, Lissandra
  • Never FF


GOLD LOL rank elo boostGold rank has 28% of all LoL players and it’s a first tier you can call competitive, people actually care about their rank. They are aware of the general rules of the game like back timings, csing, objective control, but are very often lazy with application. Most gold players have a very good understanding on how to lane, but later on, pressure and confidence issues usually lead to frustrating misplays in mid/late game.

Tips on how to climb out:

  • Prepare 3 champions for 2 roles, don’t play anything else! Pick champion according to your and enemy team composition. (Use counters feature)
  • Never FF, random throws are still around
  • Play to carry, supporting random players in gold can have very random consequences
  • Don’t die more than 4 times a game and treat all deaths past 18-minute mark like it can lose you a game


Platinum 5 lol rank elo boostIf there is elo hell it’s called platinum and 8% of League of Legends players live here. A lot of the people playing in this rank feel like they accomplished something and they don’t belong here. They should be diamond already but the teams are holding them back. This leads to gigantic ego problems and because people have a decent understanding on how to close games and laning phase emotional meltdowns usually lead to complete stomps for one of the teams. The biggest difference between Platinum rank and Diamond is consistency and knowledge of how to stall out games and comeback.

Tips on how to get out:

  • Start working on tiny errors that lead to your deaths i.e. lane positioning, tracking enemy jungler
  • Give up cs if it’s necessary! (Don’t greed)
  • Consider team compositions before making a call i.e.If you are early game champion take risks! If your team composition is late game try to stall.
  • Watch coach and educational videos about macro/lategame
  • Play around cooldowns


Diamond 5 lol rank elo boostDiamond rank is a dream elo for many, but only top 2 percent can live it, yet diamond players have their issues too. Most of diamond is full of one trick ponies who sometimes randomly decide to deviate from their usual champion. This players have very good mechanics and game knowledge but fail to apply it concistently which leads to exploitable late game. Nonetheless compared to lower ranks Diamond players are superb.

Tips on how to climb out:

  • Learn how to counter split pushing
  • Stick to what got you here
  • Lower your agression levels
  • Kill your ego and keep learning
  • Watch proplay!


Master and Challenger

Master lol rank elo boostMaster and Challenger players are playing completely different game compared to vast majority of league players. They are top 0.03-0.02% summoners and the amount of mistakes per game is so minimal that you will need individual approach to keep getting better. Most likely there isn’t much resources online that might help you, because almost no one plays at this level. If you would like to see how Master/Challenger players perform you can check out our boosting products here or get some coaching from the best of the best.


Next season changes

In next season RIOT will implement two new tiers probably somewhere inbetween Bronze-Silver and Gold-Plat. If you want to read more about upcoming changes click here.