How to check your ping without starting a game

Published at 2018-06-06 12:04:20 - Edited at 2018-07-07 00:08:06

lag, ms, hot to check pingEvery one of us experienced, coming back home to play some sweet League of Legends only to get constant lags throughout the game. Riot still failed to implement a basic feature that would enable you to check your ping before getting into the game. That’s why I decided to show you two very similar ways of checking MS permanent and fast one for windows and Mac.


One time method

Press Windows button on your keyboard and type: cmd and hit enter. Black command prompt should open now type:

ping -t “address”

Replace address with the correct IP from the table below (Without quotation) and click enter. After a 1-2 mins press Ctrl+C to see results and determine if MS is good enough to play.

[table id=2 /]


Download this bat file. It may detect it as a virus due to file type but don’t worry its just 3 lines of code that can’t harm you in any way.

After you download the file right click it and hit edit. Change the to correct IP address from the table above and save it. Now you can just double-click this bat file and it will automatically start a command prompt and start pinging, click Ctrl+C to see results.

If you don’t want to download anything just create it yourself by creating a new notepad file with this code inside:

@echo off
ping “address” -t

Change the address to correct IP (without quotation marks) and save it as bat file.


Open the Terminal and type

ping -c # IP “address”

Replace address with correct IP address from the table above (no quotation marks) and # with a number of pings you want to send about 20 should be okay.

Analyzing results

It’s super easy to see how many MS you are getting just see what’s your maximum and average ping. If the maximum is way above your average ping it might mean that you will get lag spikes during the game. Pay extra attention to any lost packets it should be 0%, in some cases it might be 1% during a long test but anything above that will cause severe lag spikes so try to avoid it.