Changes in preseason and season 9

Published at 2018-07-28 22:53:59 - Edited at 2018-11-03 01:29:50

Ranked season 9 changes

Two new tiers

Riot decided to add two new tiers one below bronze called Iron and another one in between Master and Challenger called Grandmaster.

Amount of divisions changed

Each tier will now contain only 4 divisions instead of previous 5.

Changes in placements

Next season instead of resetting your rank you will receive a provisional rank based on your rank in a previous season that you can’t place below. For the remainder of placements, you will gain accelerated LP and losses won’t count against you. Additionally there will be no promotion matches for the 10 placement games so upon hitting 100LP you will be promoted to next division.

New season structure

Season 9 will consist of 3 splits during which your border will reflect a live state of your rank. Participating in each split will evolve your border and emblems. Your rank won’t reset between splits and there will still be an end of season rewards after a 3rd split.
Each split will give you split points that upgrade your armor rank. Additional elements are unlocked one by one after each split, we’ve marked them with red color.
Additionally you can still see your last season rank, marked with yellow color.

Separate ranking for each position

Everyone below Masters will have separate ranking for each position you can play. So in total you will have 5 separate rankins for Solo/Duo queue, flex will have only one ranking. System is supposed to be able to calculate your macro skill to increase your ranking in your off positions accordingly so you can’t ruin lower elo games because you are playing off role.

Life quality changes for new players

A next meme is facing near death with the rework of completely outdated tutorial and tooltip system. The new iteration should give us a more streamlined experience that doesn’t require a friend to teach you the game.

Q&A about changes

Q: Is the Victorious skin reward staying at gold?

Riot Gortok: Yeah, that’s the current plan. We thought about lowering it, but we think the exclusivity on it is pretty cool. Also, there’s kind of a historical bar that it has set which establishes what it means to be relatively good at ranked, and we don’t want to undermine those of you who got the reward in past seasons by making it cheaper and easier to get now.

Q: Will we have a soft reset between splits and a hard reset between seasons?

Riot Gortok: At the start of the season we’re gonna do the reset just like we have every season, but when a split ends we’re not gonna do any reset at the point. That would come across as just being way too grindy. And we actually are looking for you to maybe assess your progress over the course of the season, and maybe set some new goals at that point instead.

Q: Will there be a short time off in between splits or will it just go straight to the next split?

Riot Gortok: We’re not planning to take any time off in between splits. We want to make sure that Ranked is available whenever you want to play it, and it doesn’t make sense to have long periods of downtime that would interrupt that.

Q: What happened to the Challenger recall reward?

Sapmagic: Well, it’s been a long time coming, but we can say that the Challenger recall is finally launching at the beginning of next season. The way it’s gonna work is, whenever you’re Challenger, you’ll have that recall, and we think it’s a really awesome reward type because it basically gives you bragging rights and represents your achievements in the game.

Q: Is there any payoff for hitting certain ranks in multiple positions? Could a possible five Victorious skins or extra chroma be on the table?

Sapmagic: Well the short answer is, no. But at the same time, we do want to reward players for mastering multiple positions. We think a good reward shows off your skill or is really meaningful if you play that position, but the Victorious skins don’t really do that. So we’ll be looking for ways to do that as part of season rewards and if you have ideas we’d really love to hear them.

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