Best League of Legends player and tips from him! (2018)

Published at 2018-04-28 19:53:33 - Edited at 2018-07-18 18:18:15

Who’s the best League of Legends player?

League of Legends has remained for many years the most played PC game in the world. With the whopping amount of 100 million players active every month in 2016 according to RiftHerald and Forbes and 81 million according to UnrankedSmurfs calculations. That leaves us with over a thousand challenger players competing for the title of the very best player in the most popular game.

In the eyes of many Unkillable Demon King – Faker is without a doubt the best and most influential player in the world. I don’t want to deny his professional performance, but in my opinion the question of “Who’s the best League of Legends player” points more toward to Solo queue performance in which Faker is far from doing the best due to amount of time he spends skirmishing with his team and playing in LCK and other tournaments. That’s why I was forced to look somewhere else for the best League of Legends player.


League of legends best player, elo boosting

Apdo is a nickname of Jeong Sang-gil (정상길) Korean High elo mid laner. His nickname means in Korean “to completely overpower your opponent”. He reached rank 1 numerous times on Korean and few chinese servers. On 25th of April 2018, he reached rank 1 on special Chinese server (Link to youtube VOD with the game that granted him rank 1) where to register you need to have Diamond 1 or higher rank on one of the other 26 Chinese servers. He had done this tremendous deed in just 657 games and reached 1500 LP in Challenger (You can view his stats here). Apdo reached KR Challenger rank 1 numerous times a year since he started his career playing not only mid but also Top, Jungle and AD carry.


Why did he never go pro?

In season 3 Apdo reached Korean Challenger and begin his elo boosting career (If you don’t know what elo boosting is click here).

Legend says that Apdo paid his entire college tuition with money from elo boosting. Apdo was very bold about his boosting career and didn’t even attempt to hide his identity, he streamed while boosting and made numerous innuendos to boosting in his summoner names. (In contrary to us, you can read how we protect your account on our home page.)

After receiving numerous bans to his accounts he was contacted by one of his female fans who was interested in boost and seemingly hoped to parlay her time with him into some sort of romantic relationship. When Apdo declined her advances she contacted Riot Games Korea with the evidence of Jeongs boosting practice, because of this his main account got banned for 1000 years and he was disqualified from OGN qualifiers and received ban for future competitive events.

Two years later he said:

“In Korea, professional players do not have much. This is not very attractive to me, hence I did not choose to be a pro player.”
Apdo (, 2014)

He dedicated his gamer career to streaming and boosting.


Rank 1 competition

In 2014, September Apdo took part in Chinese competition with $161,000 prize pool. The target was simple to reach rank 1 on the Chinese server. To be able to complete you had to start a new account with a specific name. When Apdo reached rank 3 and was close to finishing first Chinese player began trolling his games and dodging to slow him down. Regardless he finished first with the final record of 197 wins:63 losses, marking a 75% win-rate.

Apdo’s climb to rank 1:
9/9 Begins streaming on Chinese Solo-queue
9/23 Master tier
9/25 Challenger 466lp
9/26 Challenger 750lp
9/27 Challenger 828lp
9/28 Challenger 1000lp
9/29 Challenger 1130lp
9/30 Challenger 1293lp RANK 1

Apdos style

What makes the best player? Calculated play. Apdo according to his own words isn’t even close to being the best mechanical player instead he reads the map and game flow very well. Famously saying in one of his games in challenger in Korea after enemy Challenger Fizz attacked a creep at level 1:

He just lost the lane.

His ability to punish even the smallest mistake by properly manipulating wave and back timings to propel his lead to enormous size made him the best player. This playstyle decided his champion pool at the start of his career. He’s without a single doubt the best Twisted Fate player in the world also employing Kassadin and Ryze and lately Corki to his arsenal.


Here is him answering the question how to climb on his stream with english subtitles.


Tips from his numerous Q&As on stream:

  • Before, it was about the jungler covering for your laners. Now it’s about your laners helping your jungler grow, and disrupting your enemy jungler. There are 3 things a midlaner has to do. 1. Make it easier for your jungler to gank 2. Make it easier for your jungler to secure crab 3. Secure your side’s birds at all cost so that enemy jungler doesn’t steal it.

  • The reason is that the game has changed. In previous seasons, you could just destroy your enemy lane and be done with it, but now the ganks are so strong that even if you destroy your enemy lane, it’s meaningless unless the enemy jungler is dealt with. The proper way to winning is crippling the enemy jungler then going for the laner.

  • One of the most important timings that mid laners don’t recognize these days is the 3:10 (Outdated, now it’s around 2:40-2:55) mark when the junglers go for scuttle crab. This is where it is decided which side the game will snowball, two junglers will try to fight for the bottom scuttle usually, if you can be there for your jungler, that’s a win. It is also important that your support is there.

  • This is the reason he doesn’t get good results in Viktor even though he’s extremely good with him. In top tier ranked games this moment in 3 minute mark is getting ever so important, however Viktor is trash there.

  • Viktor shines in his level 10-15 range, right after his Rylai when people don’t have good damage. However lategame when people have good damage lategame he’s actually not that good.

  • Almost 0 scripters in Challenger/Master after the Anti-Script program they rolled out exclusive to Riot Korea.

  • The reason why Faker was the greatest laner in the world was simpley this. 1. He forces enemy jungler to his lane 2. He never dies to enemy jungler

  • Best ADC in Korea? Pray. You guys need to keep in mind when you guys talk shit on players on who’s good or bad, the player who won the last tournament is the best player. Everyone has opinions, so if you are being objective that’s’ the best way to know.

  • Faker is great because he’s the one who started everything. He started many of midlane techniques, he even invented my pink ward positions. Faker’s not the absolute best player in the world now, if you looked at him this season he had his low moments too.

  • People use damage per minute to compare people, this isn’t really accurate since it depends so much on your champion and situation. It’s how well you can play out your game and make plays that will turn the game around.

  • If you are on the blue team and your jungle’s ganking top, ward your birds right away. 90% of the time the enemy jungler will try to take advantage and take the birds. You have strategic advantage and might even kill the enemy jungler.

  • Stealing 1 small bird is really good against certain matchups since it fucks up the jungle pathing of many junglers, such as Reksai who goes Wolf->Bird->Red these days, or the normal Golem->Blue->Wolf->Bird->Crab->Red path. They will not hit level 3/4 by just a sliver of XP. However only do this when you have a lot of free space, don’t try to force it. (Jungle changed but stealing chickens is always good :D)

  • Many junglers like Elise try level 3 ganks. The absolute fastest timing you can gank mid is 2:35. If you know your enemy is going to gank level 3, harrass and push hard until 2:25, you will win against enemy’s laner. Then go down because the jungler will be coming from the topside.

  • Solo queue and Pro game is entirely different. The only thing that is the same is that it’s league of legends, other than that it’s a whole different game.

  • Voicechat is great for high elo, but bad for bad elo, it will not stop low elo players from being toxic. People can be toxic either way, but voice has a much igher implication.

  • He has a slight case of obsessive behavior, if he plays outside of his chair he’s been playing on for 6 years or the same keyboard/mouse, his skill decreases dramatically. He thinks he won’t be a good pro because of this. He also never eats anything before playing soloqueue, this is a rule that he keeps pretty strictly. Him without his ‘chair’ will be Master 40LP at most. He also bought 10 copies of G1 Logitech mouses to prepare for his old one to die, but they just don’t feel the same so he’s grieving the day that it dies.

  • One of the reason he is so good is he’s so emotional. He becomes very angry after losing, but he also knows to learn from his losses. People look at him when discussing top kassadin/tf player, but he only started because he got destroyed by a Kassadin/TF player.

  • His pocket pick is Veigar, people forgot about him, but Veigar can fill in a blank space no other champion can. Even if your team has NO cc at all, Veigar can fix the problem.

  • Fizz is officially abandoned, he’s too bad in this meta

  • Kuro is highly underrated. Kuro’s one of the best mid laner he meets in solo queue. Being able to overpower and destroy lane is much harder and has little value compared to previous seasons now, so being there for your team in early game fights, helping out your jungler are important things. He’s perfect at doing those things. He thinks Kuro could actually be the best player in Rox (However Rox is all very good)

  • Bullshit aside Yasuo is a broken champion. People say he’s a high skillcap champion, but the secret with Yasuo is knowing how to control yourself while playing such a overpowered champion. Yasuo’s weakness comes from the fact that he is too strong. His laning phase is so strong that after the laning phase people do not know how to keep calm and throw the game.
  • Riot did a pretty good job patching this Worlds, he thinks every champion can come out.

  • A good player needs to play all 5 positions, especially supports.

  • People think that junglers need to read laner’s minds, but think otherwise. The difference between a top elo gank and a low elo gank is that top elo laners burn flash even before the enemy’s flash to make a gank happen. In low elo the jungler has to initiate first and the laner comes after or they go at the same time. This is the difference between high elo and bad elo.

  • People say TF needs some love, but he actually thinks TF needs some nerfing first. TF’s gold card is LoL’s most reliable stun in the game right now on a short cooldown, however it has a 2 second cooldown, one of the longest stuns. To buff him gold card needs a nerf a little.

  • TF’s real scary strength comes from the fact that he applies a great amount of pressure to enemies in soloqueue after hitting level 6 EVEN when you aren’t using your ult. The passive advantage TF gives your team is insane. However he believes Dynamic Queue had a noticeable impact of TF’s winrate. Dopa lost 10 games in a row with TF because in China, all of his enemies were 5 man premades in Master/Challenger, and they could know when TF’s ult is coming or not.

  • For gaming, it is mostly talent over effort. To become a pro you need significant natural talent Even if you try hard, people with natural talent can catch up much faster with little effort.

  • People say Mid Annie is a noob champion, he thinks she’s underrated since she has her clear strength. She can initiate and nuke at the same time. Her only weakness are ganks but her laning is strong except for guys like Cass who outclass her. China plays Annie a ton and shes pretty good.

  • Soraka mains that claim she takes skill because you have to land your starfall and silence are delusional. Every champion has a skillshot. Janna is a good champion to get carried but also takes good amount of skill.

  • Does he think he’s good? Yes, he’s not being arrogant but he thinks talented people have the ability to notice it themselves.

Link to apdos Youtube

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