Level up rewards in League of Legends

Published at 2018-04-01 02:49:21

During seasons 8 preseason Riot changed the way leveling up works in League of Legends and lifted level 30 cap to give old players incentive to keep playing the game by introducing extra rewards for leveling.

To give you a perspective on how long it takes to level:

  • An average game will give you approximately 200xp.
  • Win of the Day will give you around 575xp.
  • The lowest amount of XP to level up (from 30-31) is 2500xp.
  • The amount of XP to level up from 174-175 is 4600xp.

    We’ve listed all possible rewards for leveling until level 600+ in table below.

1 Ashe
3Garen Garen
4Brand Brand
Exhaust Exhaust
Barrier Barrier
5Hextech Crafting and Loot
Caitlyn shard Caitlyn shard or BE 1350 shard or BE 3150 shard or BE 4800 shard - with a 70% chance for the first and 10% for the others
6Aram game mode
Snowball Snowball
Clarity Clarity
Xin Zhao shard Xin Zhao shard
7Twisted Treeline Gamemode
Flash Flash
Teleport Teleport
+BE 810
8Default rune pages
Janna Janna shard
9Smite Smite
Ignite Ignite
Cleanse Cleanse
+BE 810
1090% XP given for Co-op vs. AI Bots
null Sherwood Forest Ashe
Sanguine Sanguine Garen
+OE 500
1 random ward skin
BE 450 shard
11Custom rune pages
Keystone rune slot options
Free Champion Rotation
BE 1350 shard + BE 130
12Basic Champion Capsule
13Basic Champion Capsule
Primary rune path options
14Basic Champion Capsule
15First Win of the Day mission
Secondary rune path options
BE 4800 shard
16Basic Champion Capsule
17Basic Champion Capsule
Inspiration Inspiration rune path
18Two BE 1350 shards
19Basic Champion capsule
2080% XP given for Co-op vs. AI Bots (65% after 180 minutes each day).
Random permanent summoner icon
BE 4800 shard
21Basic Champion Capsule
22BE 3150 shard +BE20
23Basic Champion Capsule
24Basic Champion Capsule
25Random ward skin permanent
BE 4800 shard
26Basic Champion Capsule
27BE 3150 shard
BE 450 shard
28Basic Champion Capsule
29BE 3150 shard
BE 450 shard
3075% XP given for Co-op vs. AI Bots (55% after 180 minutes each day).
Glorious Champion Capsule
Icon Summoner Icon Border
31-39Basic Champion Capsule
40Glorious Champion Capsule
Legend Legend 1 Emote
41-49Basic Champion Capsule
50Glorious Champion Capsule
Random Summoner Icon or Ward Skin
Legend 2 Legend 2 Emote
51-74Basic Champion Capsule / Glorius Capsule for multiples of 10
75Random Summoner Icon or Ward Skin
Legend 3 Legend 3 Emote
Border Summoner Icon Border
76-99Basic Champion Capsule / Glorius Capsule for multiples of 10
100Glorius Champion Capsule
Glorious Legend Ward Skin Glorious Legend Ward Skin
Legend 4 Legend 4 Emote
BorderSummoner Icon Border
101-109Basic Champion Capsule
125Legend 5Legend 5 Emote
BorderSummoner Icon Border
150One Gemstone Gemstone
Glorious Champion Capsule
Legend 8 Legend 8 Emote
BorderSummoner Icon Border
175Legend 7 EmoteLegend 7 Emote
BorderSummoner Icon Border
200One Gemstone Gemstone
Glorious Champion Capsule
Legend 8Legend 8 Emote
border Summoner Icon Border
225Legend 9Legend 9 Emote
Summoner Icon Border
250One GemstoneGemstone
Glorious Champion Capsule
Legend Legend 10 Emote
Summoner Icon Border
275LegendLegend 11 Emote
BorderSummoner Icon Border
300One GemstoneGemstone
Glorious Champion Capsule
legendLegend 12 Emote
bSummoner Icon Border
325legLegend 13 Emote
aSummoner Icon Border
350One GemGemstone
Glorious Champion Capsule
Legend 14 Emote
Summoner Icon Border
375Legend 15 Emote
Summoner Icon Border
400One  Gemstone
Glorious Champion Capsule
450One Gemstone
Glorious Champion Capsule
500One Gemstone
Glorious Champion Capsule
550One Gemstone
Glorious Champion Capsule
600One Gemstone
Glorious Champion Capsule
600+Repeats 500-600