About us

Published at 2018-07-06 23:31:01

Doing business over internet is a tough thing to do especially in new and highly unregulated markets like elo boosting. There are no established rules and many look at this as an opportunity to cheat.

If you have purchased boost at least a couple times you are well aware of all the shady “companies” or groups that don’t value your time nor money and at best scenario give you cheap service without necessary security precautions like VPN.

Here at Chivalrous Boosting we have created a safe bay for everyone looking for MMR boosting. Contrary to many we are legally operating company registered in Poland, EU. We pay our taxes and for many of us boosting is our main source of income. Chiboost isn’t just a one time thing, it’s something built to last! That’s why we never leave a customer dissatisfied you will always get what you paid for.

Quality and professional boosting takes a lot of time and experience so to keep our price competitive and our boosters well fed and happy we pay from 70-80% of boosts worth directly to the booster, compared to 40-60% of industry standard…

Our mission is to give best players opportunity to monetize their skills and at the same time leave happy customers behind.